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Chocolat Salon

Chocolat Salon is my first client, they trusted my work, used it, printed it, grew their business with it. We started working together in 2006 and still manage to collaborate beautifully. I first designed the logo and everything else came naturally: business cards, price lists, vouchers, posters, roll-ups, vollumetry graphics, web and print advertorials.

Everything at Chocolat Salon is about chocolate indulgence, their signature rituals include organic chocolate based products, therefore the chocolates in all forms are present in many graphic design materials.

Below are just a few examples of the thousands of materials I designed for Chocolat over the years.

  • Chocolat Salon - Dorobanti area
  • Beauty / Spa
  • Branding, Graphic Design
  • 2006 - Working together since
Logo Design - in 2019 we tweaked the logo, making the lines bolder and adding the drop to the letter t. We will gradually apply this change on all the branding materials.
This is a set of vouchers, including special editions for Christmas and for Men, 17 in total, that were to be delivered in boxes including a small branded chocolate.
The Gift Box including the Gift Certificate and a delicios milk chocolate with the "Chocolat" brand.
Easter Card - Chocolate Bunny :-)
Indoor promotions
Cross Promotion Flyer - the wonderful WoodWick candles